Palm Pilates Studio is an inspiring space in Panama City Beach, Florida that utilizes Reformer Pilates to offer rejuvenative, restorative, and guided workouts. Focused on promoting mobility, core strength, and overall health & wellness. Your workout is performed on top of the line Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers creating the best Pilates experience.


Enjoy Group Reformer Classes in a small group setting of six offered throughout the day. The welcoming environment allows for an

empowering and beneficial full body workout on the Pilates Reformer by one of our instructors. Private and semi-private sessions are also offered for an introduction to the Reformer as well as workouts created for your unique personal goals. We are here to guide you to experience the many benefits of Pilates.


We welcome women and men of all ages who are looking for an effective, low-impact workout. The positive benefits from Pilates translate to all areas of life and wellness— working towards the best version of you!



"Change happens through
movement, and movement heals."
—Joseph Pilates


"Palm Pilates Studio is focused on helping you be your best self. Since starting, my chronic back and neck pain have improved significantly. I am thankful for the way each lesson enhances my well being and has made me stronger."


  —Arden (Palm Pilates Studio client, age 33)


"I've always been athletic, but I was plagued with unrelenting lower back pain resulting from years of too much "desk chair" and the weakened core. Working with Palm Pilates Studio and the Reformer has completely alleviated the pain and restored mobility to my once stiff back, hips and knees. I feel like myself again." 


  —Connie (Palm Pilates Studio client, age 63)


"Palm Pilates Studio is absolutely wonderful! Such a relaxing and fun experience that focuses on listening to your body and strengthening your core." 


  —Micah (Palm Pilates Studio client, age 31)

"Three months ago, I had severe lower back and leg pain. My wife suggested Palm Pilates Studio to help me to strengthen my core muscles and reduce the pain. Pilates works! My pain has significantly lessened and I am golfing again."

  Mike (Palm Pilate Studio client, age 50)

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 phone(850) 851-8604  


 socials: @palmpilatesstudio

 address: 130 Richard Jackson Blvd.

                       Suite 104B

                       Panama City Beach, FL 32407